We enhance results. We acquire mature assets. We operate oil fields.

Technology Enhanced Oil (TEO) is an environmentally responsible E&P, incorporated and funded in the UK, investing exclusively in North-America through its Houston Texas base.


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All-time low CO2 footprint

Environmental Science and Engineering Partners, LLC (ESE) on behalf of Iskandia Energy Group (Iskandia) has developed an annual greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory of the emissions associated with operations in 2018. Iskandia has demonstrated a global commitment to protect the health and safety of the environment while meeting the demand for energy. This Corporate Carbon Footprint Assessment (the Assessment) was developed to report on internal and external environmental performance, identify emission risks, opportunities for emission reductions, and develop strategies for managing GHG emissions in the future.

The green Alternative

TEO is focusing upon already-producing conventional assets generating positive cash-flow at or below current oil price. Acquiring underperforming or recently capped conventional oil assets and employs scalable environmentally friendly disruptive clean enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies to produce high-grade light crude oil, with minimum carbon emissions, primarily for use in the manufacture of specialty non-fuels product across the pharmaceutical, hybrid and electric car production and agriculture industry.

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Our flag: ESG good practices

TEO takes environmental and sustainability issues very seriously and operates to the highest achievable ESG standards.

TEO’s scalable strategy uses innovative environmentally clean technologies to increase the recovery rate of existing reservoirs and extending the life of existing wells whilst significantly reducing the environmental impact. TEO has proven best in class standards & results for its ESG approach which focuses on non-toxic, energy efficient clean technologies to enhance production thereby reducing their carbon footprint substantially vs the Paris Agreement pledges including the most ambitious target and is decades ahead of all the major oil companies

  • Overhauling & Streamlining

  • Environmentally Responsible

  • Positive Cash-flow

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Technology Enhanced Oil (TEO) is a newly created E&P, incorporated and funded in the UK, investing exclusively in North-America through its Houston Texas base.

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